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Mousseaux tumulusDolmen de la Josseliere in PornicClion ChurchThe Gros Caillou pond

Pornic's heritage

-Clion church
This is no doubt the only church in the Retz area where you can admire mechanical church bells dating back to 1857. The bells can ring the complete octave so it is possible to hear "Ave Maria" or "Il est né le Divin Enfant".
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The Josseliere Dolmen
The Joselière dolmen is a funerary monument built about 3500 bc in the Middle Neolithic era. It is situated to the south-east of Pornic towards La Bernerie,then La Joselière.
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The Prédaire Dolmen
The Prédaire Dolmen is situated at the south-east of Pornic towards La Bernerie, on the coast along the coastal path, on a rocky site named "le Prédaire".
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The Mousseaux Tumulus
The Mousseaux Tumulus, a funerary monument built around 3500 bc is composed of a mound in the shape of a trapezoid. It is situated to the west of Pornic, at the north of the marina "La Noëveillard".
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The Gros Caillou lake
This vast 450 000 m² lake is situated to the north-east of the town towards Saint Père en Retz. It is heaven for fishing enthusiasts.
The lake is crossed at 3 different points by recently rebuilt dykes, on which it is forbidden to fish.
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